Ideas comes and goes.The birth of one work.

Jeg skriver min vanlige blog på engelsk, så jeg har kopiert dette innlegget derfra.

Looking back at this winter/springs working with the theme “In Touch”,for a series of exhibitions going to Denmark this summer.I have found my choice of ideas changing quite a number of times, looking for that one idea that would feel strong enough to carry out, or execute.

The theme being a “generous” one, I just needed to find my personal choice for a theme, something to relate to .

I decided early on to work spontaneously with my choice of materials and my choice of  what shape or form my work should have.

I wanted to use the oportunity to work with an installation, to use the floor or hang things from the ceiling? , No frames and lightweight materials to avoid too much transport-costs.

So I have been experimenting a lot with different materials and techniques to find what would be most suited to this criteria.

Sewing,embroidery, cutouts, a lot of printing on ricepaper and silkpaper.Thin plastic,gauze,cheese-cloth.Making my own paper, to get a tactile,thin paper.Wire-drawings, cutouts stuck to the wall with “chewing-gum” and so on and so forth.

A lot of fun, a lot of loose ends.

I have tried to “analyze”  the main stages my work took this winter, since it seemes so chaotic that I have almost sat down and laughed these last period.

Stage 1:  “TheMountain Bird”.  The survival of a small girl living in a Valley in Norway during the Black Death.

I used the theme from the” Mountain Bird” for  the mail-art project  connected to this exhibition, already sendt to all the partisipants.

Stage 2:  Fairy-tale woods  with deers,hares,birds trees in an innocent mood.

Stage 3: “The Tent.”

A symbol of innocent childhood memories of camping in the woods( combined with stage 2)

Later  a much stronger symbol of homelessness, being a nomad , the refugee-camp!

Stage 4: Finally ” When I sleep, breath is watching over me”.  (Poetry lost in translation.

“Når jeg sover vokter pusten over meg”).

My theme here being the fragile line between  breathing and not.

How the delta -waves of dream-sleep shows that stage of deep sleep, while your breath is automatic, ceeping you alive.

The images printed on very thin fragile silk-paper underlines this fragility.

Yet nature is reciliant, a willingness to grow and live.

So I ended up with a triptych, no installation.Not working on the floor or hanging from the ceiling.

Puhh. A lot of going back and forth.The actual final work executed during just during 48 hours.

So, now just some fine-tuning on the text and some final gluing of the silkpaper onto the ricepaper and I will be done.

Om omdahl

Norwegian artist
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2 svar til Ideas comes and goes.The birth of one work.

  1. lisrejnertjensen siger:

    Utrolig spændende, Elisabeth!! Håber du vil overveje også at sende din installation!

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